My students:

  1. Mohamed Allali, graduated in summer 2000 with an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering.
  2. Totrakool Khongsap and Ewa Matusiak - completed their Interdisciplinary Masters' degrees in 2003, under the supervision of Victor DeBrunner, Joe Havlicek, (School of Computer Engineering), Murad Ozaydin and myself, (Department of Mathematics).
  3. Pedro Olaya, graduated in Summer 2007.
  4. Emily Scheele, a math major and premed student I worked with on an NSA supported project. Graduated in May 2015. She was admitted to the UCLA medical school in 2017. Here is a linkt to her TED talk and to her article An Introduction to Genetics for Mathematicians.
  5. Allan Merino, a doctoral student at the university of Lorraine, Metz, France, advised by Angela Pasquale and me.